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Canoe Hire is now available!

All bookings must be made and paid by card only, in advance for slotted times. Please email for details.

IMPORTANT - Please read our Rules & Guidelines.

See our new Canoe Hire Video with instructions and safety information at bottom of this page.

Canoes have the advantage of being totally silent, allowing you to get closer to wildlife whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Waveney Valley, and can be enjoyed by any age.

Swans, herons and kingfishers can be seen on the river and, in the summer beautiful damselflies, butterflies and dragonflies. Although otters are living in the river they are not easily seen.

Canoe hire is available at Bungay from Outney Meadow Caravan Park. Children accompanied by an adult are welcome and safety on the water is always very important so be aware of the safety rules

Prices for a Canadian canoe are £40.00 for half day (3 hour duration, either morning or afternoon.)

A Guide to Canoeing the Waveney can be downloaded here.

This guide is aimed at giving you an enjoyable day paddling a canoe along the river Waveney around the Bungay Loop from the Outney Meadow Caravan Park upstream to the road bridge. The trip takes about 3 hours paddling time. In order to read it Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed onto your computer but a free version can be downloaded by clicking the icon below.

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